Our everyday routine is full of stresses, so it’s hard to find the balance and stay calm during the day. Right morning habits are the base for the successful day. In reality, changing your habits is not such an easy thing to do, but with our tips from the best NYC Neurologist, your life can change for good in a few days. All you need is to incorporate these pieces of advice into your life and watch it is improving.

Tip#1 Don’t use your GPS

Turn off your GPS, when you are on your way to work, or somewhere else. Use your memory to get to the right place.  At the era of digital technologies people tend to depredate with all these modern devices, so it is so useful to put them aside and shake your brain up from time to time. 

Tip #2 Prepare a delicious dinner

Please your relatives and friends and make a delicious and extraordinary dinner. If all you have in your arsenal are fried eggs and pizza, find some interesting recipe on the Internet. Follow a video tutorial or detailed instruction and you will definitely reach success.

Tip #3 HablaEspaƱol

Spanish is the second, most popular language in the USA. Learn a couple of simple phrases in Spanish to surprise your husband, wishing “buenasnoches” before going to bed. You can choose any other language you like and try to speak it. Who knows, maybe it will inspire you enough to travel the world.

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This is a guest post by Viki Howell.

Run out of ideas how to change your hairstyle? Check out these tips!

Thinking about changing your style but not sure what to do? These latest trends might give you some much-needed ideas!

Think About Angular Fringe

Made popular by Asian guys, angular fringe is one of the hottest trends in male hair fashion. Layered and textured fringes can be styled in various ways with the help of wax or a strong hold hair gel.

Dye Your Hair

Different unnatural colors are definitely "in" nowadays. Young men can boost up their hair game by asking their stylists from  Barber Shops In New Yorkto dye their hair platinum blond, silver, denim blue, dark purple, or even by trying out an Oil Slick!

Look Into Hard Part

The hard part is a very popular old school haircut also often called a razor line. What barbers call the hard part is basically a shaved line on your scalp exactly where your side or any other part should be. This particular detail has to be done only by a professional barber. Any amateur attempts can result in you having to shave off a large chunk of your hair.

Shave It

You don't have to shave your head, that's not what we are talking about here. Throw in some art!  Look up some side designs or ask for an interesting fade. Ask your barber for advice and let him help you’re the best option for your hair and bone structure.

Ask For A Mohawk

You can either ask your barber for a real Hawk or style your hair in a Faux Hawk. This trick can also be done at home, providing you already have a suitable haircut. That can be any type of the Undercut, such as a High Skin Fade, Low Fade, or even completely shaved sides.

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This is a guest post by Viki Howell.

Does static in your hair make your life difficult? Learn easy ways to eliminate static and enjoy your life!

Cause #1 Your hair is dry

According to experts at the Best Salon NYC, dehydration is one of the most common causes of static in your hair. Many factors can make your locks feel dry, and excessive shampooing is one of them. Too much washing deprives your hair of essential moisture, making it prone to static.

Solution #1 Work on hydration

First of all, you should develop a proper washing routine and shampoo your hair 2-3 times a week. You should also provide your locks with enough hydration. The conditioner is considered to be the richest source of moisture, so condition regularly!

Cause #2 Blow-drying

Heat is another source of dryness, that’s why you should be careful with your heated appliances. According to experts at the Best Salon NYC, excessive usage of a blow dryer can eventually make your hair feel dehydrated and susceptible to nasty static.

Solution #2 Ionic blow dryer

If natural drying is not an option, you just should start using the right blow dryer. An ionic blow dryer is a real miracle, which can solve a static problem. It provides your locks with negatively charged ions and neutralizes positive charge of your hair – pure science!

Cause #3 Plastic comb

If you use a comb made of plastic material, then you should stop immediately! A plastic comb is a terrible option when it comes to static in your hair. It charges your hair positively and causes unwanted static.

Solution #3 Metal comb

Obviously, if a plastic comb produces static, you should get rid of a plastic comb. There are many options at the store, and you can find a worthy replacement to this tool. We recommend purchasing a metal comb or boar bristle brush, which is more expensive but also more awesome.

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This is a guest post by Viki Howell.