Heartburn is the main symptom of acid reflux, which spoils the pleasure of our everyday life. Fortunately, simple lifestyle changes can curb this unpleasant condition:

#1 Say “NO” To Tight Clothing

According to the best NYC doctors, excessive pressure on your stomach can provoke reflux of acid, thus leading to heartburn. This is why you should choose your clothing more carefully! Avoid tight jeans, belts, and bras, which can cause discomfort in the areas of your stomach and chest.

#2 Be Careful With Certain Foods

Healthy eating is a key strategy for fighting heartburn, so you should start changing your dietary habits immediately. Foods like fatty meat, citrus fruit, chocolate, high-fat dairies, and peppermint can aggravate your condition. You should also pay attention to what you drink – cross coffee, tea, and carbonated beverages off your menu.

#3 Avoid Overloading Your Gut

Regular breakfast-lunch-dinner schedule isn’t effective since people tend to eat more than needed, thus making their stomachs suffer. An excessive amount of food in your gut causes relaxation of the esophagus and encourages stomach acid to travel upwards. Develop a habit of eating more frequently but in smaller quantities!

#4 Relax Without Alcohol

If heartburn has become your everyday companion, then you should definitely limit the number of cocktails you have during the week. According to the best NYC doctors, alcohol is a major contributor to gastric disorders, including heartburn and acid reflux. You should limit the consumption of alcohol and find other ways of relaxing!

Stick to this valuable advice from http://www.nyneurologists.com/ and forget about heartburn once for all!

This is a guest post by Jessica Carter. 

The idea of building a business is exciting and the outcome can be extremely rewarding. Take Jack Ma for example, before he founded Alibaba Group, he was an English teacher making around USD12 a month at a local university. Today he is one of the wealthiest men in the world, with an estimated net worth of USD22.5 billion. Here is a collection of some valuable lessons from him that aspiring entrepreneurs should take note of.

#1. Before starting a business, know what you are doing.

#2. Employ smart people, not popular people.
#3. Learn from the failures of others.
#4. Always think about innovation, not just blind acquisition.
#5. Take every risk—that’s actually worth taking.
#6. The key to success lies in the younger generation.

You are poor because you have no ambition.
JACK MA: Before I founded Alibaba, I invited 24 friends to my house to discuss the business opportunity. After discussing for a full two hours, they were still confused — I have to say that I may not have put myself across in a clear manner then. The verdict: 23 out of the 24 people in the room told me to drop the idea, for a multitude of reasons, such as: ‘you do not know anything about the internet, and more prominently, you do not have the start-up capital for this’ etc.
There was only one friend (who was working in a bank then) who told me, “If you want to do it, just try it. If things don’t work out the way you expected it to, you can always revert back to what you were doing before.” I pondered upon this for one night, and by the next morning, I decided I would do it anyway, even if all of the 24 people opposed the idea.
When I first started Alibaba, I was immediately met with strong opposition from family and friends. Looking back, I realized that the biggest driving force for me then was not my confidence in the Internet and the potential it held, but more of this:  “No matter what one does, regardless of failure or success, the experience is a form of success in itself.” You have got to keep trying, and if it doesn’t work, you always can revert back to what you were doing before. 
As with this quote by T.E. Lawrence – “All men dream: but not equally. Those who dream in the dark recesses of the night awake in the day to find all was vanity. But the dreamers of day are dangerous men, for they may act their dreams with open eyes, and make it possible.”
Jack Ma: People lose out in life because of these 4 reasons:
1.     Being myopic to opportunity
2.     Looking down on opportunities
3.     Lacking understanding
4.     Failing to act quickly enough
You are poor, because you have no ambition. You are poor because you do not have the desire to become successful. You are poor because you cannot overcome your cowardice. You are poor because you lack the courage and determination.
Go big, or go home. Otherwise, you’re wasting your youth.

The time we invest for certain purposes may not be as efficient as we think of it. One daily routine which is not a daily thing is styling the hair for men. It is a wrong attitude to your image, and if the case is about you too, you should consider learning some easy tips on how to style your hair every day fast and visit stylists rarely.

#1 Dry or Wet?

If you are used to washing your hair in the morning, it is essential to apply cream or gel on toweled hair to make it remain in the same position longer. If you don’t wash your hair in the morning or just don’t have time, consider using paste or wax which will work better because your hair is completely dry. In both cases, apply it from the roots to the top.

#2 Use A Dry Shampoo

Some of the readers may hear about the dry shampoo for the first time. It is not a shame. Nevertheless, the thing is that you should use dry shampoo in between the time you use the conventional one. Barber shop Midtown NYC specialists suggest not to use the regular shampoo every day because it is unhealthy for your hair. A dry shampoo will absorb the oils and helps your hair look clean every day without actual shampooing.

#3 Rinse And Blow Gently

You don’t want the remains of the shampoo last and accumulate on your scalp what is totally bad for your skin. The solution is to focus on gentle and attentive rinsing, so slow down. Don’t blow dry using too much warmth. The hot blow will damage your hair as well. Don’t hurry; it is better to get up five minutes earlier rather than damaging your precious hair.

Follow these tips from http://royalclassbarbershop.com/ every day to have healthy hair and make your cut last longer and attractive.

This is a guest post by Jessica Carter.