1. Mindset vs. Knowledge

The first thing that we need to understand about turning dreams into reality is that we will need two distinct attributes. We need to have both the right Knowledge and a positive Mindset. Many people forget about Mindset and consequently are more likely to fail in their attempts to achieve what they want, when they want.

As you can see the act of achieving anything is mostly having the right mindset. In fact it is about ¾ Mindset and ¼ Knowledge.

Having the right Knowledge is pretty straightforward, it is learning the skills and strategies required to carry out the tasks you will set for yourself. The Mindset however is something the many people struggle with.

To have a champion Mindset means that you are highly Motivated and have the Determination and Will Power required to make the sacrifices you will need to make.

How to get a good mark on a test even though it’s Sunday night and the test is on Monday and you haven’t even touched a book. Let’s find out a great strategy for last night study.

1. This may take about 30 minutes, so find a comfortable place to study in.

2. Take out the notes that you have to study, or if you don’t have them, just go on the internet to find info on the test topic.

3. So you are probably sitting at a desk, your notes spread out in front of you. Now take out some lined paper and a red pen (you can use whatever color as you may like)

4. Write down all your notes on the lined paper, even though you have already written them down. As you write, the info with immediately get a place in your head (that sounds weird :)

5. When you finish, read them over OUTLOUD.

6. It sounds like it’s not going to work, but it does and is really good for last studies.

Thank you!