Want to blow dry your hair like a professional? Learn secret tricks of proper blow drying technique.

1. Start with pre-drying
The first secret of proper blow drying technique is towel drying. You should never use your blow dryer on a soaking wet hair!

2. Attach your nozzle
When was the last time you used your nozzle? Find it, because it helps to create a solid stream of air and avoid over-heating.

3. Divide into sections
If you want to get it done quickly and effectively, you should have everything organized. The best way to do so is to divide your hair into sections.

4. Don’t stop moving
Concentration on one specific area of your hair can lead to undesired heat damage. Keep your tool moving to distribute heat evenly.

5. Avoid close nearness
You actually can use blow dryer without any damage. The best way to do that is to avoid holding your tool too close to your hair.

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This is a guest post by Viki Howell
Want your hair to look ultimately great even in winter? Learn how to maintain your mane properly during winter season.
During the year our hair has to adjust to different seasons. Each of them has some peculiarities, and winter is not an exception:
1. Moisture balance
In order to prevent undesired dryness, you should moisturize your hair well. Hydrate it with the help of moisturizing shampoo or conditioner.

2. Rich conditioning
If you want to maintain your hair in winter well, you have to provide it with rich conditioning. The conditioner will impart your locks with needed strength to go through the winter.
Moisturizing Conditioner
3. Weather protection
Your hair has to deal with extreme weather conditions in winter like low temperature and fierce winds. Wear a hat to provide your mane with a protection.

4. Natural care
Try to minimize the usage of styling hair products and blow dryer in winter. Natural care is the best way to keep your hair strong and beautiful.
 Natural care
Hair Dryer
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This is a guest post by Viki Howell