Everybody makes mistakes, but mistakes in daily hair maintenance have a very high price. If you’ve developed improper hair care habits, then you do more harm than good. Learn what you should avoid for saving your mane from damage:

#1 Skipping Salon Appointments

Many guys underestimate the importance of regular appointments and consultations with New York barbers. Many years’ experience and professional intuition of experts can help you improve your hair care regimen and eliminate common errors; moreover, regular haircuts can keep your mane fresh and healthy!

#2 Overloading With Products

It’s essential to know when enough is enough when using styling products. Some guys cross the line and use definitely more than they need, thus wasting money, ruining their style, and overloading their thatch. We recommend starting small and learning to use combinations of different products for getting the desired result.

#3 Using Heat Tools Recklessly

Heated tools give you an opportunity to change your texture, which sounds really tempting and fascinating. Nevertheless, frequent exposure to heat is something you should strongly avoid. Heat isn’t your friend; if you keep using hot appliances recklessly, you will eventually get damage.

4. Washing Your Hair Improperly

Many guys ruin their hair by developing wrong washing habits, which are a fundamental part of daily hair maintenance. Firstly, set the medium temperature and wet your mane thoroughly. Secondly, apply a small amount of shampoo and rub your scalp thoroughly. New York barbers also stress the importance of conditioning, which many guys simply ignore.

Don’t be afraid of recognizing your mistakes and try to learn from them!

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This is a guest post by Jessica Carter.

Haircut and a perfect shave not only enhances your confidence but also are the way you express your style and show your concept of appearance. Barbers are the craftsmen who will make your goal reachable. Here are some tips on how to find good barber shops in NYC.

#1 Obvious Locations

The experimental method is always worth it if you know how to use it properly. Distinct barbershops are going to be located at busy places like Midtown or Manhattan. Try using your map on your preferred mobile device and reading the comment sections about the barbershops located nearby. Several attempts are enough to find the right one.

#2 Use Your Contacts

People you know have an equally huge life experience and may know where the best barbershops are located. Your friends may have similar preferences as you do so asking them will also guarantee that barbershops which are suitable for them will suit you the same way. NYC is huge and knowing people from various areas is also a perk.

#3 Advertising Is Not Always Distracting

New barbershops are going to be established as long as this sphere attracts more customers. Don’t be afraid to try new ones if you see an advertisement which offers to visit a brand new barbershop. You’re likely to get some bonuses at the first time while the customer base is currently at the development stage. Furthermore, new spaces are always a unique and pleasant experience.

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This is a guest post by Jessica Carter.

You got drunk yesterday, and we won’t judge you because you must have had your reasons. Now you have to go to work and pretend like nothing happened last night. This is how you can hide signs of a terrible hangover: 

#1 Restore the light in your eyes

Since eyes are the mirror of our soul, redness, dark circles, and puffiness can tell a lot about your time spending. According to Chelsea barbers NYC, you will need simple green tea bags to restore the light in your eyes. Put them in a freezer for a few minutes and then place them on your eyelids!

#2 Take care of your skin

Dull skin color can make you look unhealthy and cause suspicions, so you should take measures. Start your morning routine with a thorough washing for removing the remains of the previous night - dirt, grime, and sebum. Shaving can also refresh your look considerably, so work with your razor well unless you wear a stubble. Don’t forget to hydrate your skin with a moisturizing cream.

#3 Keep your breath fresh

According to Chelsea barbers NYC, it’s crucial to keep your breath fresh after drinking an unbelievable amount of alcohol. Brush your teeth thoroughly and pay special attention to your tongue because this is where bacteria love to gather and grow. Be prepared to experience a terrible dryness in your mouth and drink a lot of water for keeping your body hydrated!

Follow these simple tips to look fresh after partying because your boss doesn’t have to know!

This is a guest post by Jessica Carter.

Want to lose some belly fat without having to go to the local gym? Attain the desired results with these tips!

#1 Drink Water

Increase your intake of water if you need to dispose of some weight quickly. The proper hydration levels boost all of the systems in your body including your metabolism. It means everything you eat will get digested quickly and will be turned into energy instead of fatty tissue. Water will also fill your stomach and fool your brain into thinking you are not hungry. Although effective, this trick should not be overused. Your body needs healthy nourishment and water can not provide that. Watermelon is a great alternative if you want to slim down. Ditch your evening dose of mac and cheese and eat a couple of slices of this fruit instead.

#2 Get Enough Sleep

Even the best NYC doctors say you need to get sufficient amount of shuteye if you want your systems to function properly. Make sure to rest for approximately 8 hours every night to prevent your body from storing fat instead of making it pile it up.

#3 Quit Dairy

Milk is designed to nourish baby cows, not your grown ass. Because of it, this product is full of elements and hormones, which are supposed to make the calf stronger and bigger. You are not a calf, so stop consuming dairy on a daily basis.

#4 Reduce Stress

Stress itself can be a cause of your excessive weight; however, your irritability, tiredness, and crankiness are what making you want to reach for another helping of delicious food or another carton of ice cream. Find the ways to deal with your stress and you'll have one more reason why you can't get rid of that belly.

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This is a guest post by Jessica Carter.