China and Pakistan in New World Order

It is the first instance in over a century that US has not held the top spot in economy as China has just surpassed the United States as the world’s number one economy. The People’s Republic of China will seemingly fabricate a GDP of $17.6 trillion to America’s $17.4 trillion. The reaction of U.S. business media on this landmark are very anxious and terrified which reflects that American’s are scared of China’s new role as world’s biggest economy. It has been signified as a radical change in world politics, and entitled as "a geopolitical earthquake with a high reading on the Richter scale.”

GDP comparison of US and China

According to the theory of the book “The rise and fall of the Great Powers”, it’s been concluded that, over a long run of years and decades, a nation with a sustainably higher relative output will eventually become more militarily powerful than its rivals. And history is the witness that how great powers like Germany, France, Rome, and Great Britain lost their influence in world affairs as their economy was crumbling after WWII, that give the US and USSR opportunity to claim the superpower status due to their sustainable economy. However the latter lost its superpower status because of the collapse of its economy that ultimately gave US the position of only superpower in the world. At the moment situation again is going to transform, but now it s turn for China, and it can be presumed that now china’s diplomatic and military power are certain to follow economy, in the near future. It’s not a shaggy dog story but reality that the balance of power will take a spin that will make history and a phase of turn in international politics.

 According to the present status, if China can sustain higher economic output than the US, it will eventually help her to wear down American influence in the South Asia, East Asia and Gulf region that America can never ever tolerate. However, America may have plotted to face this, as part of their containment policy towards china, and in pursuing that they have a number of allies under its coalition that can be used to deter the Chinese influence in the stated regions. However, the question is how Pakistan, being an important factor and regional power, will grip this situation, where Pakistan is US ally in its war on terror program and enjoys multibillion dollars aids from her and on the other side its friendship with China is proverbial.

Rumor or Reality

As mentioned, the world politics is in a state of flux and only those will survive who evolves with changing wind for development, prosperity and security of their nations. While, Pakistan has a negative record of always swimming against the current and later it had to pay high for that, in the form of political instability, anarchy, financial restrictions, slow economic growth and lack of good governance in the country. By keeping this track in mind, the leadership of Pakistan is expected to take initiations that ensure that they are enthusiastic to take advantages of changing global sociopolitical and economical trends. It is pretty understood phenomenon in international affairs that there is no lasting pal or foe, but merely national interests and policies. It is fortunately different in case of Pakistan and China, and Pakistan must take the advantage of this prospect, before it is too late. Pakistan’s geopolitical position, present and future needs and changing world scenario call for the need to strengthen its ties with China. We must be aware of that both need one another at world stage; though Islamabad needs Beijing more than Beijing needs Islamabad. However, if Pakistan again becomes inept to take advantage of its geopolitical importance, then there are many other odds and means for China to pursue its objectives in world politics. But Pakistan can’t afford to lose such a cordial friend that would serve as a trump card for its economy and can ultimately change the economic fortune of Pakistan through its investment and projects. In this regard, China is a plus point for Pakistan in all areas of its policies.

Flags of Pakistan (left) and China (right)

One important concern is the presence of India in our neighborhood, who is progressing economically and militarily, and is challenging the balance of power in region. Which possesses a serious threat on the security of Pakistan and on issues like Kashmir and water on international forums, that needs to be addressed timely. There was a shift perceived in Indian politics when RSS emerged victorious and made government, which grasps anti-Muslim ideology throughout its history and is attempting to bring Indo-US relations at peak, which will eventually led Pakistan to lose its spot in America's view. Since India is already afraid of China's expansionist policy in the Asia-Pacific region which is conceived by India as a serious threat for its security, that's why Indian leadership is dying to build goodwill and reputation with Washington to counter Chinese expansion. So in deterring the Indian influence in global affairs, Pakistan have to approach frontward and thus China can be a major source of delight for him. As deterrence of India is a must win game for Pakistan , because whenever it comes to India, it is a matter of endurance for Pakistan.

Map of South Asia

Pakistan ought to recognize that the center of gravity of the world economy and power will shift soon or in near future to Asia, by replacing the America and EU, since the most emerging economies of the world like China, India, South Korea, Japan and ASEAN countries are located under its map. These developments call for the need of Pakistan to recalibrate its policies to face the challenges posed by the changing global and regional trends. So Islamabad must strengthen its relations in particular with China, and build and uphold relations with other nations, such as Gulf countries, CARs and EU community. Pakistan must also lessen its age long reliance on US, and try to to lower the probability of conflict with India, through negotiations and consensus. The failure of pakistan to come head to head with changing world scenario can cause severe risks to economy, security and technological development of Pakistan.

Global Economy Zones

It must be kept in mind; following the WWII and the end of Cold War it was the economy that had helped America to become the superpower and to be the major actor in international affairs that ultimately helped America to raise its military and diplomatic influence throughout the world. However, the balance of power will not turn with in a blink of eye, it may take several years or may be half a century, but early planning is the best planning, so we must plan right now to see us in the list of prosperous nations in the future.