21 Ways to Fight Stress and become Relaxed

Stress is a state characterized by mental or emotional strain or suspense. It is the body’s inability to effectively manage/deal with any given situation whether it is positive or negative. It is your reaction to any stimulus that you cannot deal with.

The things that create stress for us are called stressors. Stressors can be either positive or negative. Stress begins in our mind. Then it effects our emotions and in turn produces some sort of physical, behavioral and spiritual response.

Aftermaths of stress
75% -90% of all doctor visits are stress related. It is linked to the leading causes of death. However long term sign of stress are seen in the following ways:
Physically: Hair loss, Skin breakouts, Constipation/Diarrhea, Muscle tension, Headaches/Insomnia, Menstrual issues/Impotency
Mentally: Forgetfulness/short term/long term memory, Racing thoughts, Indecisiveness, Negativity, Inability to retain, Anxiety
Emotionally: Fear, Easily agitated/Panic, Questions ability, Excessive Worrying, Pain, Anger, Rage
Behaviorally: Aggression, Inappropriate behaviors, Alienation, Negative self talk, Abuse of things, people and self

Stress Management Principles
Today’s professional world is filed up with stress. No one can claim that he or she had never experienced stress. People are secondary things in the modern world organizations, especially in technical environments. There is a lot of hurt and pain in the workplace and no-one is addressing it. Most 21st century organizations are TOXIC and are spreading the deadly viruses of:
Dishonesty             Deceit                        Lying            
Cheating                  Backbiting               Manipulating

In many instances we have conflict with ourselves. Many of us are trying to be like everybody else and in that process we are losing ourselves. In most instances we deal with 40-50 stressors every day and because we are so used to dealing with them, we ignore them. This creates problems for us later. Initially everybody reacts to stress the same way, the body goes into the FIGHT/FLIGHT mode. In that mode you may lose your sense of right and wrong or you may become unconscious with the surroundings.

Principles to Cope Stress
Ø First of all take off the mask. Be the real you and stand up.
Ø Recognize that some things are out of your control, especially people. Learn to accept the things you cannot change. Focus energy on what is in your control
Ø Try to seek employment that matches your gift, go with a positive attitude. Affirm yourself and trigger positive images.
Ø Talk to a friend, a relative or a professional
Ø Get a sense of humor
Ø Listen to music to pamper yourself 
Ø Be honest with yourself 
Ø Connect to your source/God 
Ø Believe in yourself
Ø Be at peace with you
Ø Seek professional help if needed
Ø Be a value adder
Ø Be open to change
Ø Seek holistic growth
Ø Develop yourself
Ø Ensure you surround yourself with positive people
Ø Grieve losses but move on
Ø Balance work & play
Ø Find time to celebrate
Ø Clarify your responsibilities to avoid overload
Ø Do things decent and in order 
Ø And last of all but not least is to pray with faith and Smile.

However, believe it or not stress is essential to life. There is the stress i.e. good for us. It actually gets us out of bed in the morning. It helps us to improve performance and to get things done. But not all the stress is good for us. And if you feel any signs of discomfort with any changing situation that you cannot control, then have the courage to face that situation bravely with the above mentioned principles. And let the stress RIP.