7 Best Ideas For Writing A Blog Post

The more you blog, the harder it can be to come up with fresh ideas to write about in near future when you will be tired up with blog ideas. So if you are running short to write on topics that you want to publish on your blog, consider this blog post. Just remember to try to apply each of these ideas appropriately to your blog topic.

1.  Lists

People love lists, and just about any kind of list is bound to attract traffic. Top 10 lists, 5 things not to do, 3 reasons I love something, etc. Start with a number then take it from there.

Here are examples of some list posts.

2.  How-to articles

People love to find easy-to-follow instructions to help them accomplish a task. Whether you want to teach your readers how to throw the perfect curve ball or how to avoid getting bitten by a mosquito, the choice is yours.

Here are examples of some how-to posts.

3.  Reviews

You can write a review of just about anything on your blog. Take a look at the following suggestions:


The possibilities are nearly endless. Just think of something you've tried and write about your experience and thoughts.

4.  Photos

Post a photo (or photos) related to your blog topic.

5. Current Events

What's going on in the world? Write a post about an interesting bit of news.
Look at these examples:

6.  Recommendations from your favorites

Share recommendations for your favorite books, websites, movies or other "favorites" related to your blog topic. Take a look on this post which I recommended from Stephen R. Covey's book.

7.  Interviews

Interview a prominent figure or expert in your blog topic then publish a blog post about it.

Hope your blog helps you reach your goals.